Mt Banks Bushwalks - Bushwalks near Bilpin Springs Lodge

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20 Apr 2015

The Blue Mountains has many well-known bushwalks with beautiful vistas and opportunities to connect with nature. However there are many lesser known walks with spectacular peaks, valleys and plant-life a little off the beaten track that will take your breath away. Mount Banks is

one of those peaks. The Mount Banks ‘double hump’ is one of the most distinctive and visible features in the Blue Mountains, and can be seen for miles from many locations within the mountains. Only a 15-minute drive from Bilpin Springs Lodge, you don’t have to head far to find yourself gazing down the Grose Valley in wonder.

There are 2 walks that you can enjoy. The moderate Mount Banks walk via the dirt road takes about 2 ½ hours return. Adventurous walkers can take the Mt Banks Summit Walk, which is a steep, rough track of over 15 kms and will take 5 hours to complete.

The rounded mountaintop is thick basalt atop the usual sandstone, and has a diversity of trees and wildlife differing from elsewhere in the Blue Mountains. A tall forest of monkey gums cling to the side of the summit, and the undergrowth is home to wombats and lyrebirds that might pass into view at the right time of day.

Make sure you pack a picnic lunch and plenty of water before you head out to enjoy this well kept secret, and read some notes on the Bushwalking NSW Website, print their notes and maybe even pick up a Personal Location Beacon (PLB).

To get to Mount Banks from Bilpin Springs Lodge head past Mt Tomah along the Bell’s line of road and turn off at the Mount Banks picnic area sign.

Follow the fire trail down to the Picnic Area where you can start your chosen walk.

After your walk, head to a local watering hole such as the My Tomah Botanic Gardens Cafe or continue along to Mt Victoria and Blackheath and treat yourself to coffee, cake and other tasty delights.

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