Wondering what to pack for your stay in Bilpin?

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23 Apr 2015

The beauty of having the Blue Mountains so close to Sydney is that you can head off for a weekend or a day-trip to experience the true colours of the 4 seasons without getting on a plane.
However, the Blue Mountains are also known for having ‘four seasons in one day’. It can be misty one moment and clear blue skies the next. So, how do you pack for that?

The best thing to do is to bring layers, and assume that even in the warmer months, it can be cooler than you are expecting ‘fresh’ to be in the evenings.

A scarf and beanie are light and easy to pack, and also small enough to carry around with you in case the weather changes quickly. A heavier woollen jacket, plus a light jumper or cardigan, are easy to peel off once inside a warm cottage or restaurant sitting in front of the fire.

Pack lighter clothing to suit the sunnier weather, even in autumn with a cool breeze in the air, a picnic in the sunshine can feel hot rather quickly!

And if you happen to be keen on bushwalks, peeling off layers is easy as you warm when you get moving.

All in all, keep in mind the ‘4 seasons in 1 day’ while packing and you should be fine. Most visitors to the Blue Mountains are happy to partake in a shopping outing in one of the many villages. So keep in mind the ever-popular Leura Mall and Wentworth Falls in the upper mountains, and Kurrajong Shops lower down the mountain near Bilpin. All have a plethora of boutiques and bookshops for comfortable attire and reading material by the fire, and cafés, for the all-important lunch stop.

Bilpin Springs Lodge offers weekend and mid-week stays in the Blue Mountains and is only a 20-minute drive from Kurrajong Village or an easy day trip from the upper Blue Mountains.

Weather: See the climate history for Bilpin here or check out Fairfax Media's Weatherzone to see a comprehensive overview of weather recorded in Springwood - Bilpin's nearest recording location.

Photos by Ann Niddrie.

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