Where to go apple & fruit picking in Bilpin

Bilpin Fruit Picking

There's no fruit picking at Bilpin Country Lodge.   And no day visitors allowed.   Lodge is for visitors staying overnight in Bilpin.   Our neighbours are pick-your-own fruit orchards.  Open in season.  For fruit picking in season, we've listed a number of popular orchards that are an easy walk or drive from Bilpin Country Lodge for you to visit and enjoy during your stay with us.

Note: we're not a pick-your-own orchard.  But there are many closeby. Contact the orchards directly to find out what is in season and when you can visit. Contact details are provided below.

Fruit & Nut Picking Seasons

January to June - Apples, Persimmons, Plums (Bilpin) 

March to April - Chestnuts & Walnuts (Mt Wilson & Mt Irvine)

July to October - Oranges & Mandarins (Hawkesbury)

November to January - Peaches (Bilpin)

As the weather impacts the time when fruit will be ready for harvest it is advisable to call the orchards below and check which fruit is ready for picking as the charts on the various websites may vary by up to 2 weeks.

The Harvest Trails site has a great map of orchards, farm gates, markets and locations for you to pick your own food throughout the region.

Bilpin Springs Orchard

Bilpin Apple Picking

A 2 minute walk from the lodge - our neighbours.  Bilpin Springs Orchard historically sent their fruit to the markets, and in the early 90’s, transitioned to become a purely ‘Pick Your Own’ Orchard.

The range of fruit available for picking includes Plums, Pears, Quinces, Figs, Persimmons and various varieties of Apples and Blueberries. The orchard grow apples that are commonly found in the fruit shop, such as Pink Lady and Red Delicious Apples, however Bramley Cookers and Gravenstein are lesser known varieties that are popular with the visitors.

The season for harvest generally starts from late January to June, providing there is fruit to pick. To avoid disappointment call or email first.

A list of the apple varieties and a comprehensive seasonal guide can be found on the Bilpin Springs Orchard website.

Details: You can take your own bags, or use a basket or bag provided by the orchard. There is no entry fee at the gate but a minimum purchase of $5 is assumed.

Address: 2550 Bells Line of Road

Bilpin NSW 2758

Ph: 02 4567 1294

Bilpin Springs Orchard website


Pine Crest Orchard

apple picking bilpin at pine crest

Pine Crest Orchard is a 2-minute drive from Bilpin Country Lodge and mark the official start of their fruit season on Boxing Day, December 26th and it continues until April.  Check Pine Crest website to see if earlier opening possible.

Located behind the Bilpin school, Pine Crest Orchard have Apples, Plums, Berries, Nuts, Nashi and Traditional Pears available to pick from the tree. Each year the picking season starts with apples such Tydemans and Akane, followed Gala and Jonothan Apples. Walnuts and Chestnuts are generally available in April and May. Raspberries and Blackberries are available also.

Details of the different fruit varieties and their best time for harvest are listed on the Pine Crest Orchard website.

Details: No entrance fee. Pay for what you pick from January to May. Take your own bag or use a basket provided by the orchard. To avoid disappointment call or email first.

Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until April.

Address: 2549 Bells Line of Road (Just behind the Primary School)

Ph: 02 4567 1143

Pine Crest Orchard website


Shields Orchard

Shields apple orchard bilpin

A 5-minute drive from Bilpin Country Lodge, the Shields Family have grown fruit on their property since 1955, and the property has been an orchard for over 100 years. In the early 90’s the orchard opened its gates to welcome visitors to pick your own fruit.

Visitors enjoy picking old English varieties such as Bramleys and Cox Orange Pippens. Other varieties include Braeburn, Firmgold, Late Fuji and Pink Lady. Peaches are also available, from November to January. A list of the entire range of apple and peach varieties can be found on the Shield’s Orchard website, and you can sign up to be notified when your favourite variety is ready for picking. 

In line with their passion to educate, and connect people back to the source of where their food comes from - during blossom time between September and October in Bilpin, families can go and plant their own potato patch at the orchard for free. A few months later, in around March, the family receives an email to notify them that their potato patch is ready. On arrival you look for your signposted plot, and can harvest up to 3kg of potatoes to take home.

Details: Shield’s Orchard is open daily in season (Jan to mid May) while fruit is available. Always call ahead and let them know you are going to avoid missing out. No entry fee, only pay for what you pick. You can take your own bags, or use a basket or bag provided by the orchard. More details can be found at www.shieldsorchard.com

Address: 2270 Bells Line of Road Bilpin

Ph: 02 4567 1206


Bilpin Fruit Bowl

bilpin fruit bowl

The Bilpin Fruit Bowl is just a 5-minute drive from the lodge and is the only farm in NSW where you can go and pick your own veggies in addition to picking fruit.

Take your own bags, or use the bags supplied to pick from a range of fruit such as peaches, apples and strawberries. All vegetables are chemical free, and visitors can roam over the 4 acres of vegetables and pick the food for dinner right from the plant.

The variety of vegetables is broad, and will suit those with a ‘particular’ palate as well the adventurous eaters. Broccoli, Beans, the fashionable Kale, Cabbage and Corn are among the list of vegetables available in the picking season.

In the shop you can pick up apple pies and cakes and slices made on the premises. The shop also stocks local honey, local jams and other souvenirs.

Details: You can take your own bags, or use a basket or bag provided.

Fruit and Veggie picking is available on weekends, and the iconic Bilpin Fruit Bowl store is open 7 days a week. See the Bilpin Fruit Bowl website for more details.

An entry fee of $2.50 per person applies, while children under 5 enter free.

Address: 2093 Bells Line of Road  Bilpin NSW 2758
Telephone: 45671152

Bilpin Fruit Bowl website


Nut Picking in Mt Irvine and Mt Wilson

chestnut picking mt wilson

Slightly further afield, Mt Irvine and Mt Wilson are home to many of the chestnut and walnut farms of the Blue Mountains and provide a lovely day trip from the lodge.

The main season for picking nuts is in autumn, which is a crisp and colourful season to be visiting. A small number of properties open in March and April for visitors to pick nuts for eating and cooking. Gloves and buckets are supplied.

Get in touch with farms before heading out, as the season for nut picking is very short and you may be left with no nuts.


chestnut picking

The villages are small and buying lunch is not an option. It is the great opportunity to take a picnic lunch and enjoy some of the lovely picnic spots in the area.

The Mt Wilson and Mt Irvine Village Website  has information on the various things to do in addition to nut picking to make your day out a complete adventure.


Fern Hill Farm at Mt Wilson

Details: 52 The Avenue, Mt Wilson

Ph: 02 4756 2008

M: 0418 676 468


Nutwood Farm at Mt Irvine

Details: 22 Danes Way, Mt Irvine

Ph: 02 4756 2191


Kookotonga Farm at Mt Irvine

Details: 247 Mt Irvine Road

Mt Irvine NSW 2786

Ph: 02 4756 2136


Hawkesbury Farmgate Trail App

The Hawkesbury Harvest have developed an app for both iphone and android smartphone users, to guide users in reconnecting with food growers, and in making your own Farm Gate Trail throughout NSW.

Using the ‘close to me’ function, you can have the location, contact details and opening times for the various orchards, olive farms and markets around Bilpin and the Hawkesbury all at your fingertips.  At a glance you can see how many kilometres away a particular orchard or farm is from you, and then even get directions on a map.

It is particularly handy if you are short for time and not sure on how long it may take you to travel to a particular location. Before heading out, you can check on the app.

The ability to search specifically for ‘farmer’s markets’, ‘produce’, ‘pick your own’ or ‘things to do’, allows the user to find things of particular interest, and quickly make a list of places to visit for the day, or the weekend.

After your visit, mark your ‘favourites’ to save you having to look them up again next season.

Download the app for iPhone here: The Farm Gate Trail

Download the app for Android here: The Farm Gate Trail

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